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Nova Fitness Reopening COVID-19 Guidelines.

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

As we reopen, we are setting guidelines for ourselves, and most importantly, the safety of our clients.

General Rules:

  • Entrance to the studio is not permitted to clients or staff exhibiting ANY symptoms of COVID. See sign at door.

  • Masks are to be worn at all times in the studio and change rooms, however during exercise they may be removed and also during a scheduled class while in your designated exercise area.

  • Social distancing of 2 meters for low intensity exercise and 3 meters for higher intensity will be maintained between clients and between clients and trainers

  • All clients / potential clients must participate in an online/in-person introductory session prior to attending a class.

  • All exercise sessions/classes will be booked online prior to coming to the studio

  • We encourage that all clients come ready to exercise, with their own filled water bottles, 2 if necessary. The water fountain will not be in use at this time for clients, while the change rooms do remain open we are limiting their use (see below).

  • Towel Service is removed at this time, if you require one, please bring one from home.

  • Classes are now limited to 3 Participants.

  • Upon arrival, enter the studio one person at a time.

  • Enter no more than 5-10 minutes before class/session as appointment times are being spaced more to limit the clients in the studio at one time and allow for more time to clean.

  • Shoes are to be left at the front door. Use a shelf to put your personal belongings and outdoor shoes in and bring your own “inside” gym shoes.

  • Ensure that you are practicing social distancing to maintain a safe and healthy environment in the studio.

  • Hand sanitizer stations are available around the studio. Please use it once entering the studio and before leaving.

  • Classes are now limited to 3 participants to allow for proper social distancing.

  • All classes are to be booked in 12 hours in advance on Acuity.

  • 12-hour cancellation policy for classes, 12 hours for 1 on 1 clients.

  • At this time no in-person payments will be taken, all purchases can be made online or invoiced by email.

Classes & Private Sessions

  • Please sign a declaration of health waiver forms before you sign up for a class online.

  • Please come prepared to train, be changed in your workout clothes, have a water bottle filled and a sweat towel if needed.

  • Instructors will be a minimum of 2 - 3 meters positioned far away from all clients/members.

  • Markers are on the floor for each client to stand on during the class.

  • No shared equipment during sessions.

  • Once the class is over, each client is required to wipe down the equipment that they have used during class and left at their exercise spot.

  • Unused equipment has been removed from the gym floor to create additional spaces for clients.

  • As per Provincial regulations, no interactions within 2 meters will take place; such as measuring, body assessments, and hands-on spotting

  • Coaching sessions should be conducted in a manner that avoids touching clients. Verbal and visual cues while coaching will be used.


  • Between all classes/sessions high touch areas will be cleaned by the instructors. All clients will be expected to clean equipment they use prior to and after use, spray bottles ( filled with medical-grade disinfectant Bio Text) and clean towels for cleaning equipment will be at the entrance, alternatively, single-use paper towels may also be used for cleaning. There will be a common basket for all cleaning towels after their use.

  • At the end of the day, a disinfect fog ( with Vitaloxide) will be applied throughout the whole studio. All equipment will be wiped with a medical-grade cleaner after every use.

  • Hand sanitizers that have been provided are alcohol-free ( Soappopular) and have been approved by Health Canada to ensure they are effective for use.


  • When using the bathroom, limit it to 2 people for women's bathroom and 1 for the men's bathroom.

  • Complimentary personal items such as hair dryers, make remover and feminine hygiene products have been removed from the bathrooms.

  • Shower facilities can still be used at this time if required. However there is no soap or towel service provided

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