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Holistic Lifestyle Coaching

Holistic lifestyle coaching involves a fully customized approach to helping clients address challenges (from everyday habits, food choices, environment, and stressors) to reach their personal goals. It helps clients identify challenges, priorities, goals and timelines to help organize the clients' needs. Whether you want to detoxify your body and mind, de-stress your system or decrease the risk of diseases, Sylvia is committed to bringing you the best support and information available and teach you how to integrate functional eating and lifestyle management practices into your life.

Disease and stress are preventable through healthy eating habits, lifestyle management and appropriate types of exercise. You will understand why every meal, every bout of exercise and every late night has a hormonal consequence. You will receive tools, such as in-depth questionnaires (to assess your health and allow you to determine your priorities for a change) and an individualized plan to improve your well-being, health, fitness, and energy.

Living a Holistic lifestyle is about learning how to combine the relationship between food and lifestyle habits, and how the importance of sleep, food quality, stress reduction, and exercise play in improving your health. Taking time to follow this lifestyle will help increase energy, improve digestion, boost mood and help you feel your best! The ultimate goal is to focus on developing long term body and mind changes for sustainable results.

Would you like to learn more about the program, contact Sylvia by clicking here.

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