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My coaching involves a fully customized approach to helping clients address challenges (from everyday habits, food choices, and stressors, such as over exercise, decrease or increase in calorie consumption, and lack of rest/recovery) to reach their personal healing and fitness goals. 


As a Certified Personal Trainer and Holistic Lifestyle Coach, my role is to help you achieve your goals most effectively and safely. 


 I'm here to help with my holistic approach to discovering and accomplishing positive self-image and exercise balance. 


I focus on individual programming with each and every client to develop a sustainable plan and new ‘way of life’.

This course is for you if you are experiencing any of these:

  • Working out over 5+ a week but feeling stuck in your results.

  • Restricting your eating or lifestyle habits around your workouts.

  • Feeling the need to do "more" yet feeling exhausted.

  • Have anxiety around exercise & food.

  • Exercise is your outlet, yet your dedication to your routine can be unhealthy at times.

  • You have a negative relationship with food, therefore have digestive issues, body fatigue, hormonal stress, and "feel bad" attitude when you eat certain foods.

  • Have issues related to stress and are unsure how to deal with them - fatigue, uneasy mind, depression, anxiety, lethargy, etc. 

  • Have hormonal problems........ Such as irregular or absent (Amenorrhea) menstrual cycle, low libido, and severe mood swings.

  • Maybe you are scared of losing control in your life and think the only way to maintain it is to control the foods you consume or exercise. Determining how you look as being something you can manage. 

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Don't worry. I'm here to help. This program is all achieved through developing more sustainable methods for planning and coping.


As a Certified Personal Trainer and Holistic Lifestyle Coach, my role is to help you achieve your goals most effectively and safely. All the while, ensuring you have fun!

This is why I've designed the Creating Strength through Balance Program!


Healthier lifestyle- improved health, stress levels, digestion and fitness

Positive Relationship with yourself

A better understanding of what's important to you

New awareness and habits focused on your goals

Reduced stress and anxiety

After 12 weeks of our partnership, you will have:

Support you will receive:

One Assessment call at the

beginning of starting Program

Four 1 on 1 call

(60 min. each)

Personalized Fitness Programming

changed 3-4 times

per 12 weeks

Personalized Nutrition Programming

changed 3 times

per 12 weeks

Ongoing Community of

like-minded people

One 60 minute group call per month ( optional) 

Total Cost: $ 1200 + tax
Payment plans available



I used to be someone who loved cardio, especially high intensity, high impact workouts. Six or seven days a week, you could find me at a fitness class. The rest days were foreign to me. I didn’t feel accomplished if I didn’t get a sweaty workout, and I often pushed myself to work out through tiredness and sore muscles.

I realized this was a problem two months before my wedding when my dress didn’t fit. I thought I was doing everything right, killing myself with cardio nearly every day. I didn’t understand why I wasn’t getting the results I wanted. I was frustrated and came to Sylvia for help.

I’ve been training with Sylvia for two years. She continues to coach me through changing so much about my approach to fitness. I’ve gained muscle, gotten stronger and feel really good about my progress while learning the value of recovery and listening to my body.


I still struggle with old habits like overdoing cardio and trying to do too much, but Sylvia is always there to keep me on track. And yes, I did fit into my wedding dress! If you are looking to change your fitness approach and stop beating yourself up, Sylvia is the best trainer you could ask for!

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